Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dr Phillip Lee MP/GP Make people with lifestyle-related illnesses pay for their drugs, says Tory MP

Phillip Lee MP, a practising GP and member of the right wing Tory Free Enterprise Group,  "said patients must live healthier lives or help meet the cost of their care from their own pockets. “If you want to have doughnuts for breakfast, fine, but there is a cost implication down the line,” he said."

This so called caring Doctor who is a disgrace to his profession is suggesting the patients with Diabetes and other so called life style health illnesses should pay for their medications and I don't just mean the prescription charge, he implies we should be paying the full cost price that is charged to the NHS.

What this well heeled idiot fails to grasp is the high prevalence of Type 2 in Deprived areas who are living below or on the poverty line, they can barely afford the basic necessities  let alone fund their own medications. Who's going to pick up the pieces when they can't afford the medications and they get complications that need urgent hospital treatment, that's of course if they can get free NHS care in the future.

Another quote from the Dr.

 "Dr Philip Lee, a GP in Slough, called for a Danish-style system where patients are given a “modest” personal drugs budget and have to pay for extra prescriptions themselves.

They could take out supplementary insurance for very expensive treatments such as for cancer."

I expect he and his family will be adequately covered by health insurance, with his earnings as a GP and MP it would be small change to him, and he's always got his nice little earner in the private sector as a freelance doctor for Medical Solutions Ltd

Is your MP on the list:

Over 60 MPs Connected to Companies Involved in Private Healthcare

Finally you can watch a video of his presentation:



  1. How do you find the time to be a MP and a GP?

    Use the same surgery?


  2. it would be bad enough if the advice people got was appropriate, but this is a double whammy. :-( eat the recommended high-carb diet, then be punished because of its bad effects....

  3. His comment "Doughnuts for breakfast.." is beyond contempt,he should be stripped of his seat AND struck off by the GMC!! I'm LIVID!!