Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Jimmy Moore 6 CarbSane nil !

A couple of photographs taken very recently of Jimmy Moore and his wife on his tour of Australia. I don’t know about you, Jimmy looks in good shape to me. He is clearly a very big man, and in my opinion he has a very big heart, that’s why people like him. What you see is what you get with Jimmy and he gives us the bad news as well as the good. He lost a brother not so long ago and his wife lost a baby they so much wanted. Jimmy is so open at times he breaks your heart. Jimmy is not perfect and nor are any of us, that’s what makes him real and respected.

A prolific blogger called Evelyn Kocur aka CarbSane runs a blog dedicated to stalking Jimmy. She takes great pleasure in chronically Jimmy’s fight a against excess weight. This to me smacks of jealousy and hypocrisy. She whines Jimmy makes money from his blog and work, while she has a PayPal donate button. Jimmy works ten times harder than her, and his work is his full-time job. What is he supposed to do, go on welfare so he can live ? One other thing, before the slippery Evelyn deactivated her ‘who is CarbSane’ button, together with a photo montage of herself, she seemed to be carrying more blubber than Moby Dick, go and figure that one out.




  1. Jimmy's weight loss is nothing short of commendable,down from over 400lbs and now looking fighting fit! I've read Carbsanes's blog(A lot of low carb anti hot air,seems to be the general order of the day whilst trying to blind people with science to get her point across) and I ask myself,apart from jealousy of Jimmys success and that of other low carbers great results that poo on the whole Ancel Keys hypothesis,what exactly IS her REAL agenda?


  2. "what exactly IS her REAL agenda?"

    Beats me mate. I heard she tried to hit on Jimmy and he told her to take a hike, hence the grief. Still you can't believe all you hear.