Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Naivety of Diabetics and the Medical Profession

In response to a comment on the post:

You must be rather na├»ve if you expect read in any publication associated with the medical profession, the connection between carbohydrate intake and diabetes complications. That would be tantamount to admitting years of failure of public policy based on a belief in medication alone – oral for Type 2, insulin for Type 1. Previous posts on this blog have referenced the ineffectiveness of the medication and the educational courses DESMOND and DAFNE. Until the medical profession (and the diabetics themselves) realise it is extremely unlikely (if not impossible) for the majority of diabetics to eat a ‘normal’ meal and achieve ‘normal’ blood glucose levels. Individuals may protest that they can do so, but the majority?

with the following results:

In response to the attitude of the medical profession: in any other aspect of public policy, years of failure would have led to a  fundamental review of the policy. And yet, new oral medications continue to be developed offering marginal improvement in HbA1c, courses are offered for advice on the use of insulin for ‘NORMAL’ meals and the appalling statistics for HbA1c and complications continue. Does anybody at NICE or even your GP review these statistics and ponder why?

How many more years are thousand s of diabetics to be condemned to a lifetime of pain and suffering or even an early death? Are those spuds worth it?


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