Saturday, 5 November 2011

New method to test blood sugar

Children with type 1 diabetes in Oxfordshire are to be the first patients in England to have their blood sugar levels tested using their breath.


  1. And how would that work for a low-carber, with chronically elevated ketone levels?

  2. A very good reason for children not to low carb then.

  3. Not really enough information there really. It sounds like a way of testing for ketones which are a form of acetone, but that's no good for getting fine tuning of blood sugars.

    Also, as noted above how does it distinguish between ketosis and ketoacidosis?

    Why shouldn't children low carb by the way? Children's dietary biochemistry doesn't suddenly change at puberty. If low carbing makes sense at all it makes sense for everyone.

    As an aside consider the carb content of mother's milk the most lauded of foods; 7 grams per 100ml according to my friend wikipedia. That's pretty low carb wouldn't you say?

    That filthy 1% fat junk milk has about 12 grams per 100ml

    Anyway, on this Armistice Day have a listen to Richard Burton reading the poems of Wilfred Owen (search on YouTube); it's incredibly moving...

    Like the new layout of the site